Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unique Magazine Recycling Ideas

Clutter comes in many forms, but the most intrusive is certainly the old magazine piles. My mother has Better Homes and Gardens from a decade ago. I've always thought that simply throwing magazines in the recycling bin seemed like a waste. There are so many people who would enjoy even old magazine articles. So here are a few ideas for a way for people to reuse your old magazines.

1. Take it to the gym. My gym has a giant magazine rack where people leave their old magazines and then borrow them while they are working out. It's great because i don't have to drag one along every time and i get to see new stuff. If you gym doesn't have one, ask one of the managers if you can set up a neat little bin.

2. Coffee Break. Bring a couple to the break room at work and leave them in a neat little bin in the corner. Make a sign offering them for free. You'd be surprised how people will add to it and start sharing.

3. Use them for art projects. I love to cut out my favorite pictures and paste them on different projects, from those plain wooden magazine bins from Ikea, to a bland picture frame, they can really spice up your environment. I will have soon some more craft ideas for your extra pictures.

(Another way to get some cool cutouts is to go through old catalogs.)

Whatever you do, don't keep the magazines around, saving them for the day where you will pull the pictures out. If you don't have time, get rid of that clutter and haul those magazines away!

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