Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Organizing Accessories

Organizing the many accessories a girl’s got can be a difficult task. Those wily organizing experts tell us, “Make sure everything has its place.” But what if you have 80 somethings? Below are a few tips for organizing each of those little trouble items that seem to be everywhere. With this hopefully you can create the right spot for each of them.

Sun Glasses:

Problem: Some people put them in their cases, but I’ve always found that cumbersome. You

have to remember to put them back in, if you can find it, or they get scratched up. Or it becomes a hassle so you don’t put them back.

Solution: A key holder. I got this one at the World Market. I nailed it up behind my bedroom door, but on the inside of your closet door is also a great place.


Problem: They get tangled together ruining decent jewelry, and do not have a decent place
to rest.

Solution: The trusty key holder:

Next Time: An easy craft project for organizing earrings…

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