Monday, October 22, 2007

Office Candy Dish

Today’s blog is a different idea for networking in your office. If you feel like you are left out of the office chats and hallway meetings, then making your cubicle or office more welcoming is a great idea. One way to do this is to bring in a candy dish and setting it on the corner of your desk.

I would recommend a clear jar so that people can see what goods you got without having to look inside. Also, to make sure your coworkers feel welcome to take some. At first you might want to consider a little sign inviting them to come over. A good example:

Please Help Yourself!

Probably inappropriate would be a sign saying:

Eat me!

This is a good way to get people to include you in their impromptu office discussions.

I would recommend individually wrapped candy to avoid sticky situations and to cut down on germs. Just get what you hand out at Halloween.

If you find you going through a lot of candy, just leave the jar empty for a few days saying something like you haven’t had time to go to the store. If your coworkers are nice some one will bring in a bag.

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