Friday, October 26, 2007

Hearty House Plants

These plants you couldn’t kill if you tried. Well that’s an exaggeration, you will have to occasionally water them, but they all an easy way to add some foliage to your indoor environment. We all know how important this greenery is to help purify the air around you.


This plant is vine-like and full of leaves. It likes any type of light, even fake light. You should water very couple of weeks at least, but you can’t really over water it. If you cut off a branch and stick it in a little water, the branch will root in about a week.

Spider Plant

This plant is spiky and occasionally blooms on long arm like branches. Minimal light and water are all that are needed. The branches sprout little baby plants that if you cut off and put in a little water, the baby will root.

Lucky Bamboo

Throw it in a glass of water. Seriously that’s it.

Jade Plant

This plant is a succulent and can handle a forgetfully induced drought. It likes a decent amount of sunlight, but won’t die in the shade. Break off a little branch and put it in a glass of water and this little guy will root.

Thanks for the pics! (in order)
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