Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Best Dynamic Themes on iGoogle

I’ve written about iGoogle before and the wonders of getting new Gadgets and customizing your homepage and really making it a useful workstation. One of the best things I think about iGoogle is the themes that you can put on the top of the page. A large number of artists and designers have their own themes. My favorite themes however, are the dynamic ones. Dynamic themes change periodically. Some Dynamic Themes are designed to change regularly every day or every hour. Others require your zip code and then will change depending on your time of day. These are absolutely my favorite themes. Several of them have cute little characters that do different things according to the time of day. The really neat thing is to see the new things that your little characters are doing at different times of the day. Here are some of my favorite dynamic themes, of both sorts.

A little fox lives in a Tea House in this adorable little theme. During the day, when I'm working, he's picking oranges in the orange grove. At dinner time, he eats a little sushi on the porch and at night he watches the stars with his telescope then heads off to bed. My absolute favorite theme!

This dynamic theme shows where the sun is hitting the Earth at that time. Pretty cool!

A little Frog and a Ladybug picnic at lunch time, play games in a summer meadow and at night camp out under the stars!

JR is a monster that takes care of the city. Including sweeping the streets and protecting the city from other Monsters!

Aja Tiger is a little Bengal Tiger that lives in a cave on a little farm. During the day he works in the garden and at night he sleeps in a little sleeping mat in his house.

This theme shows the city of Chicago at different times of the day. There are a number of themes like this showing skylines of cities across the globe.

Can't pick a theme? Choose the Theme of the Day theme and get a random new one everyday!