Monday, May 18, 2009

Business Travel Checklist

I've been very busy lately traveling with my new job. Packing for a business trip can be especially tricky, and the sin of over packing becomes ultra painful when you have to check your luggage or drag an enormous suitcase from town to town. Paring down the content of your luggage is key. Here are some rules I've learned and I've also attached the checklist I use to make sure I don't forget anything. I like to laminate mine and keep it by my suitcase with a dry erase marker so it's never lost and I can save paper.

1. You do not need a spare everything (You do not need two pairs of pants or shoes, if the something bad happens you can almost always buy new pants or have them laundered at the hotel. The exception to this is glasses and contacts.)

2. Decide what you're going to do before the trip. (Do you really have time to work out? No? Forget the gym shoes then. Are you meeting up with a friend at the bar? Keep in the bar clothes.)

3. If you've remembered your credit card, you really haven't forgotten anything. (Unless you are going to a third world nation, you really can buy whatever you need almost anywhere.)