Sunday, July 12, 2009

Modern Decorating with Doilies?

I have a clutter bug for a mother. This is one of the main reasons I rebelled against my upbringing and grew into the anti-clutter maven that strives for organization and simplification.

My mother’s clutter stems partially from her collections. One of her many collections is a doily collection. Yes, the obtrusive dust collectors that little old grannies find the epitome of home design. (Mom, if you’re reading this you know it’s true.) my mother, like most clutter bugs treasures every little bit of clutter and expects others to likewise treasure it. So I am on the receiving end of doilies, tea sets, and sets of cloth napkins, even though my apartment is too small for a dining room table.

Storing the gifts in a box in the closet tugs on the guilt strings, but turning my living room into a Sandra Bullock period piece isn’t an option. So I framed my favorite doilies behind new Ikea frames with funky red crocodile decorative paper behind. I thought the funky paper would update the look a little. So thanks to my Mom’s goofy collecting habits, I have a cheap and colorful piece of artwork. (And it makes me all warm and fuzzy to see something she cares about in a place of prominence. Awwww.)

I think it’d be kind of neat to frame some cute crocheted pot holders alongside maybe some random needlepoint. The key to modernize this project is to use sleek or a funky frame and use a funky bright paper behind it.

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