Friday, July 10, 2009

Cell Cord Holder

I'm annoyed. Everytime I want to plug in my cell phone, I have to crawl under my desk. It's irritating, there's a lot of dust down there, and I get dirty. So I devised a crafty little holder to keep the end of my cord off of the ground and dust free. Here's the step by step craft project.

1. Cut up a big magnet into an appropriate little square.

2. Then chop off each of the ends of a bic pen top.

3. Cut a slit down the side of the pen top.

4. Bend open that little slit so that you can slide the cord in.

5. Hot glue the back of the pen top to the magnet with the slit facing out.

6. Paint the fugly magnet and add some BLING.

7. Stick that magnet on the metal file cabnet and slip the cord into your adorable cord holder! Yay! No more crawling in the dust!

Maybe now I should spend some time with a dust mop and put the hot glue gun away...

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