Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bento Lunches

Today's post is on two Bentos i made for lunch last week, they aren’t exactly in Bento boxes because I don’t have any big enough right now. The first has a little flower shaped sandwich made out of turkey, lowfat swiss, and BBQ dressing. The flower is nestled in a little flower bed of baby spinach. In the side compartment is a lowfat Baby Bell cheese, heart-shaped picks with baby dill pickles and mandarin oranges. For desert I made a mini vanilla cupcake with multi-colored sprinkles.

The second Bento has multigrain crackers with a mustard smiley face, egg-salad, laughing cow herb cheese, a Baby Bell cheese, mandarin oranges, and wasabi dried peas. In the side compartment is some Chicken Korma with chopped spinach. Yum!

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