Tuesday, August 14, 2007

iGoogle vrs. MyYahoo

Today’s Blog is about Managing your home page. Increasingly, large the big Internet search engines are allowing users to create specially tailored home pages. I will review the most popular two (MyYahoo and iGoogle) and show you how to maximize your usability.

The winner between the two interfaces, is hands down iGoogle. (Big surprise there Google has been a usability giant for years.)

1. The look of the pages:
iGoogle: iGoogle has fewer themes, but the ones they are simple, easy to read, and time dynamic to your location on Earth. I personally prefer the Tea House theme. It’s really cute and I feel like the little fox is sharing my daily activities with me.

MyYahoo: MyYahoo has more choices in the themes selections, however most of the schemes are totally unreadable and probably dangerous to the Epileptic.

2. Extras:
iGoogle: Wow! iGoogle has a huge number of extra resources to add to your webpage. My personal favorite is the color coded, prioritized, To-Do List. Also is a cool calorie counter and a Fitness calorie counter from Bally. Now you can manage your diet while checking your email.

MyYahoo: Has fewer extras, but some very helpful ones like the resumes you have up on HotJobs, best jobs in the area, or TV listings.

3. Calendars:
iGoogle: The Google calendar allows you to create events and the days are highlighted. Cool, now if only the calendar would email to remind me when I forget something. A good policy would be though to make sure to check the calendar when you see a BOLDED day.

MyYahoo: I like the calendar better because there is a small space under the calendar for the day’s events.

My recommendation is to use the iGoogle page. The design is better, the extras on the whole more useful and fun, and the location specific pages is a really neat touch.

My tip, use these pages to tailor your homepage experience. Take some time and go over the extras and choose what you’ll use often. Remember if you add too much, you’ll decrease the usefulness of having everything right there. Just be careful not to be changing your webpage every five minutes, this process can turn into a time suck very quickly.

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