Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Embroidered Heart Ornaments

Today’s entry is a craft project inspired by some very cute crafts I Stumbled Upon and decided that I could make them cuter. www.crafts.com abounds with hand sewn ornaments and sachets. All of these are very cute, but with a little effort, you can make your own, and not have to pay $30 for someone else to do them.

Supplies (JoAnn Fabric):

½ Yard Brown Felt

½ Yard Red Felt

3 Pre-Cut Quilting Fabric Patches with Funky Patterns

2 Pkgs Sequins (Gold and Red)

2 Pkgs Beads (Gold and Red)

2 Spools Thread (Pink and Brown)

1 Bag Stuffing

2 Spools Funky Scrapbooking Ribbon

Taking the felt, I cut out a large heart using the old fold in half method. Next I took a matching piece of funky patterned paper and cut out a medium shaped heart. Using large rather grotesque stitching, I sewed the medium sized heart to the felt background. I think the amateur stitching adds to the homemade feel of it. Here is where I decided how to further decorate my little heart. Do it now before you try to sew things together or it’ll just end up being a big pain in the butt. In some of the ornaments I added small hearts that I had previously decorated with sequins. These little hearts I just glued down. Then in the extra background space, I further decorated with
sequins. Once I was done decorating, I sewed a backing felt heart to the front one using a end* stitch. To attach the ribbon to the top of the heart, I just sewed the ribbon in to the closing stitches. When I had only a little space left, I then stuffed the stuffing in as well as any lavender or scents that someone would want. Finally I sewed it up the rest of the way and hung it on a
rack. Here are some pictures of the results, I have a few I will post as soon as I go the lucky recipients and borrow them back for a picture!

I will post soon the patterns that I used for this project. While they started out perfectly symmetrical, I did trim more off one side because they look must better the less perfect they are. Also, here are some pictures of the completed one. I spared you the first mistake or two.

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