Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get Full Text Articles in Google

Recently, I have heard a lot of frustration with Google returning searches that are full of articles and webpages that most people cannot look at. Here are a few options to

1. You may have access to this article through your school or public library, so contact your local librarian or go to their website, you probably have access to more than you realize.

2. The second option you have is to go to the Google Advanced Search and select the “Usage Rights” section and change the option to “Free to Use or Share.” (See circle below) This will give you only the articles that have full text. I could not find this option in Google Scholar, however the Advanced Search is usually good enough to locate some great research. If you will look at the picture above, I have circled the drop down menu you will need to use in the Advanced Search tool to find the "Free to Use and Share" files.

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