Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Starting Over

Hello again! I would like to welcome myself back to this blog. In the spirit of starting fresh and starting over, I cannot wait to get started on this blog again. I’ve been very busy, but also I’ve reverted into my original disorganized state. I lost track of the important things. So I decided the other day to start again. At first I thought it was too late to get back into my blog. I was about to give up on it, but I realized how easy it is to start over, especially with organization. Very few people are organized from birth, color coding Legos in their cribs. Most people are disorganized mixed up, running through life looking for something to make sense of things. Personally, I am built of the latter sort. I used to spend hours out of the week looking for my wallet, keys, cell phone…etc etc. You could barely walk through my mess of a bedroom. I ran out of gas on the road…twice. My relationships suffered. I forgot loved one’s birthdays. I lost touch with distant friend’s who had moved away.
Then one day something changed. I don’t remember what changed it, but I’m pretty sure it was a number of things. I showed up on time to the bar, and realized my friend’s had told me they would be there half an hour earlier than they would be. I found out my boyfriend wouldn’t move in with me because I’m too messy. I was evaluated poorly at work because of my disorganization. So I started over. I read some books. I practiced in my apartment. And the weirdest thing, I started to like it. It was fun and nice to have it all together. Living became easier. I had more time. So I continued. I got a master’s degree in Information Science specializing in Archives and Records Management. This is a drastic step, but I truly enjoy it.
So I recommend to everyone that you can start over. Use any excuse you can, but you can become organized. You can change your life. My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend. She is having a tough time, but she’s dealing with it pretty well. She is using it as a reason to start over. She went out and got her haircut. She cleaned her apartment from top to bottom. She moved her furniture around to a different set up. I believe the best way to start over is to change the things you can see. Use whatever you have to, to begin again. Whether it's a relationship gone bad; a new job; a new apartment or just a new haircut. Anyone can start over.

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