Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yesterday I read the October issue of the home magazine Domino. It’s a trendy, young professional kind of publication. There are periodic organizational articles and the one this month is on creating an organization space around your bed. They created a beautiful custom made shelving set that created two towers on either side with a box shelf above. The side shelves are curtained with beautiful dark fabric and natural fiber Roman blinds hide the clutter on the overhead shelf. It’s an amazing set up, which cost the owner $6,000. Also, custom projects are difficult to move when you move around annually as I seem to do at this point. Since I don’t have the money or the stability, but I love the concept, so I designed an alternative. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon.

Get a pair of cheap book shelves.
Like these:

or these, I like this size better:

Then take some fabric and tac it to the front or around 3 of the sides so that the fabric drapes a little like curtains. Next, take a large board, probably 2 feet wide and lay the thing on the top of the two shelves. You can paint it any color, though I would recommend waiting on the color until after finding a fabric you love. That will be the more difficult and more expensive of the two tasks. The next thing I would do would be to get a string of cute little lantern lights and string them up behind the top shelf. You can run the switch down the side to have a little soft light over your bed. I would also recommend pretty boxes and baskets for the little things that go on the top shelf to cut down on the clutter.

All in all, Domino did not have that much about organization, but it was a good mag to hang out with for 20 minutes. They had some interesting punchout color charts, and I’m not a huge fan of keeping parts of magazines b/c they rarely get used again. These had little hole in them for you to put in a little binder. I guess if you’re going to be a pack rat, this is a little bit of an organized way to do it.

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